The Income Real Estate Operations Network (“IREON”) is an exclusive collaboration of commercial real estate service providers and product suppliers serving Owners / Developers / Managers and Operators of income producing real estate.

Each member’s service provided, or product supplied, is exclusive within IREON.
IREON members are carefully vetted, have stellar reputations, and substantial long-term client and business relationships.

Each member gains strength by combining their marketing effort under the cohesive umbrella of IREON, always being actively promoted at assemblies of owners, managers, and operators of incoming producing real estate. Its membership cost and the physical time required, by its principals, is a fraction of what any company would need to expend on its own to produce its marketing and business development success.

Since each member’s service or product supplied is exclusive within the IREON network, it allows them to mutually expand each other’s business opportunities and profitability, freely sharing their established relationships and contacts.

To facilitate membership dialog, IREON provides a “closed” website, where each member easily communicates with each other, sharing ideas, business opportunities and information, to enhance the growth of their respective businesses. The website is “open” to the public, which allows them to connect with any member who provides a service or product they have interest in obtaining.


Steve Kirschner, COO and founder of IREON, well known and respected for his networking proficiency and business development acumen, promotes and manages the network, maximizing the benefits to each member and enhancing the strength of their unity.

Steve Kirschner was born into the commercial real estate industry where both his parents operated a successful commercial brokerage in Brooklyn and Queens. Steve is a licensed real estate broker, boasting decades of experience. He owned and operated his own commercial brokerage in Suffolk County, NY, and personally negotiated the sale of hundreds of millions of dollars of income producing investment properties nationally, as well as owner and tenant occupied commercial space in the NY metropolitan region.

Steve has gained a prominent reputation for being a “consummate business networker”, and was recognized as “Networker of the Year” in 2013 by the 1000 member Gotham City Networking Organization. Since 2010, Steve has served as Group Coordinator of the Gotham NY Real Estate Chapter, growing it from 15 to 50 members, and also founded the Long Island Real Estate Chapter in 2015, serving as its Co-Chairman and Group Coordinator.

He formerly served as Chairman of the Board for the Advancement of Commerce & Industry on Long Island (ACIT) after being active on its Board of Directors for more than 15 years.