IREON is a unique “fraternal relationship based” non-compete business development network comprised of the highest caliber product and service providers serving the commercial real estate industry.

All members are NY metro-based, with many being national and international in their business reach, several of whom are the largest in the world in their product or service field.

Why is IREON different and unique?

It is because its members have become friends who personally introduce their close trusted Owner, Developer relationships to each other, “opening doors” that otherwise would not be opened to new business opportunities.

They take an active role, which is very different from merely handing out a business card, or offering a name and telephone number to call.

Rarely does anyone select a product or service provider because of their own “due diligence.”
The decision is almost always made because they “TRUST” the person who is making the recommendation for that selection.

Success is guaranteed when you do NOT have to “sell” your service or product, but only need to produce it!

This is why, “IREON members grow and prosper from the company they keep and the relationships they share!”

IREON Membership Roster:
IREON Roster Categories:

IREON does not hold regular membership meetings because they are time consuming and more often than not, prove to be of little value.

Members meet individually on their own schedule to build trusting relationships. This is the “catalyst” to the “opening of doors” for fellow IREON members which produces new business opportunity.

IREON holds quarterly events with topics of interest to every landlord and developer that are informative and afford insight to increasing profits in their property portfolios.

Landlords, developers, managers and operators are always welcome to be at IREON events. “Vendors”, (the service providers and product suppliers), must be members of IREON to attend.

The invites are emailed weekly to over 10,000 building owners, operators, developers and mangers throughout the NY metropolitan region. The minimum value of each property is $10 million.

Because the IREON membership roster is included on these invites, the recipients can immediately connect with the IREON member who provides a service or product they need or desire.

Member “Happy Hour Bi Monthly Meet Ups”:
To enhance relationships and gain business opportunity every 2 months at locations that are convenient for “drinks” and “schmoozing” alternating in Manhattan and Long Island. (Limited to “12” member firms registered on “first come first serve basis”)

Monthly teleconference meetings:
Held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month (8:30 to 9:45 am)

During these teleconferences, members have the opportunity to publicly thank one another for the help and introductions received and recount their most recent business successes and discuss their organization’s goals for the future.

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What makes a “worthy” IREON member?

To be the “right” firm, they need to be well established and highly reputable, with a large client base of business relationships they can share with the fellow members of IREON.

To be the “right” company member representative, they must  be a “giver,” one who wants to help fellow members expand their business opportunities by sharing their business relationships, that are “returned in kind”.

The foundation of IREON’s success  is the sharing of these long term business relationships that personally “open doors” to  new business opportunity for every member. The introductions are done willingly, because no member’s business competes with the other in either service or product.

Cost of Membership:

Dues solely support IREON’s operational expenses. IREON is NOT a profit making business, but merely the “conduit”  for members to gain financial benefit.

Minimum membership term:  1 year
(Amount of time needed to build trusting relationships among members to prove its financial value)

If the membership cost does not become irrelevant within one (1) year, it is solely because the member is not taking advantage of their membership opportunities.  IREON will terminate the company’s membership in these cases because no one has benefited.

Annual dues : $6,600.00 (effective January 1, 2019)
Paid in (4) quarterly payments of $1,650.00 or (1) payment of $5,600 upon joining (a 15.15% discount).

Benefits Of Membership

  • Personal representation at a significantly reduced marketing cost.
  • Increased business exposure by participation at more events.
  • Increased business exposure having firm websites and contact information directly linked to IREON website and invites sent to thousands of landlords weekly to attend quarterly events where the members present topics of interest and financial value to the owners, operators and managers of income producing real estate.
  • Internal networking in a closed exclusive non-competing environment.
  • Gained operational efficiencies, by reducing management time commitment to business marketing function.
  • Savings of referral fees regularly paid for business income obtained.
  • Free business profile promoted on, the exclusive world web real estate search engine.
  • Monthly teleconference meetings for members to personally connect with each other to reaffirm their supplied service or product, and to describe their “best business referral”.  This conference occurs on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 8:30 to 9:45 am. (The same time and day each month, for easy calendar scheduling)
  • IREON MEMBERSHIP NEWSLETTER, news vehicle that enables sharing of confidential information within the “closed fraternity network” that elicits new business opportunities by utilizing every member’s trusting client and customer relationships to the advantage of all members, plus publication of any information desired to be dispersed to the media on world wide web.







Steve Kirschner, COO and founder of IREON, well known and respected for his networking proficiency and business development acumen manages the organization.

Steve Kirschner was born into the commercial real estate industry with both his parents operating a successful commercial brokerage in Brooklyn and Queens. Steve is a licensed real estate broker boasting decades of experience. He owned and operated his own commercial brokerage in Suffolk County, NY and personally brokered the sale of hundreds of millions of dollars of income producing investment properties nationally, plus owner and tenant occupied commercial space locally. Steve has gained a prominent reputation for being a “consummate Business Networker”. He was awarded “Networker of the Year” in 2012 by the 1000 member Gotham City Networking Organization. Since 2010, Steve has served as Group Coordinator of the Gotham NY Real Estate Chapter, growing it from 15 to 50 members.  In 2015, Steve founded the Long Island Real Estate Chapter for the Gotham City Network, serving as its Co-Chairman and Group Coordinator. He formerly served as Chairman of the Board for the Advancement of Commerce & Industry on Long Island after being an active board member for 15 plus years.