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IREON is a unique “fraternal relationship based” NON-COMPETE business development network comprised of the highest caliber product and service providers serving the commercial real estate industry.

All members are NY metro-based with many being national and international in their business reach. Several are the largest in the world in their in their field of service or product supplied.

IREON Membership Roster:
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Why is IREON “different and unique” from all the other business development networking groups?

It is “relationship driven”. Its members are trusted friends who care about each other and want them to succeed. They provide support, guidance and encouragement sharing knowledge and guidance in their fields of expertise.

They personally introduce their close trusted business and personal relationships to each other, “opening doors” for new business opportunities. They take an active role in these meetings. Very different from supplying a name and contact information of someone who may possibly want their services or product.

Rarely, does anyone engage a professional service provider or a company because of their own “due diligence”. This decision is almost always made because they have a relationship with the person who is making the recommendation who they trust.

Success is assured when you do NOT have to “sell” your service or product,
but only need to produce it!

This is why IREON is “different and unique” and financially rewarding to its members!

IREON Post COVID-19 Operating Platform:

IREON had to change its platform post COVID-19.

The big change was to replace “physical” gatherings to “virtual” meetings.

IREON hosts webinars every 6-8 weeks jointly produced by 3 to 5 members who have related expertise on the topic of interest being presented to Owners, Operators, Developers, and Tenants of commercial space in the NY metro region.

Kristine Wolf, Publishing Editor of the NYREJ news publication is the Moderator
of every webinar. NYREJ holds the exclusive category on IREON’s membership roster for publishing commercial real estate news. Kristine is its member representative.

The webinars are publicized prior to and after by NYREJ to 50,000 readers, in all social media outlets, including 15,000+ email invites sent weekly to Landlords, Developers and Tenants who own or occupy commercial space in every structure class.
(Office, Industrial, Retail, Hotels, Healthcare, Multi-Family property).

Minimum value of each property owned or operated is $10 million.

Businesses have a minimum of 250 employees, $25M+ Gross Income, and are located within a 100-mile radius of Manhattan.

Members participating in the webinar receive weekly reports of “C” level executives who viewed their website in the email invite received showing an interest in their firm.

These reports provide the company, name of the principal, telephone number and email address to facilitate their follow up.

The publicizing of the webinars produce IREON industry recognition and promotes every member’s business, because the membership roster is directly linked to the email invites, announcements, articles and ads.

Members meet virtually via “Zoom Conference” every Thursday at 8:30 am and 4:00 pm (the time alternating each week) for approximately 1 hour, to share their business goals, successes, and challenges.

The exchange of information and getting answers to questions from each member based on their individual area of expertise, is always plentiful.

During the conference, every member gives a “3-5” minute “elevator speech” to describe their company’s products and services, and how they are presently working complying to imposed Covid-19 regulations and prevailing conditions.

“Thank yous” are given to members who have connected or been helpful.

Members meet regularly on their own schedule via “Zoom Conference” or telephone to determine from their relationships of trusted friends, relatives, business clients and customers who they can personally introduce to use the service or product of the other.

“Time efficient” member interaction consistently strengthens the friend relationship bond among the members. As these relationships get stronger, the new business opportunities increase among them.

 Member Communication

A “virtual” membership roster that is log in secured enables every to communicate instantly with each other from their mobile device or desk top computer.

Communication is kept confidential among members, or it can be made “public” at the member’s election.

What makes a “worthy” IREON member?

To be the “right” firm, they need to be well established and highly reputable with a large client base of business relationships they can share with fellow members of IREON.

To be the “right” company member representative, they must be a “giver”, one who wants to help fellow members expand their business opportunities by sharing their business relationships that are “returned in kind”.




In addition to the banner (on page 1) the 1/8th page ad.below is also in every edition. Both are “directly linked” to the IREON website and membership roster, allowing all property Owners, Developers and Tenants to immediately connect with members for a product or service needed, in addition to discounted advertising rates.








Cost of Membership:

IREON is NOT a profit-making business, but merely the “conduit” for members to gain financial benefit. Dues solely support IREON’s operational expenses.

Minimum membership term: 1 year.
(time needed to build trusting friendships among members to prove its financial value)

If the dues cost does not become financially irrelevant within (1) year,
it is because the member is not participating in the group building relationships with the members.
Under these circumstances, IREON will terminate their membership because it serves no value holding the exclusive category on the roster that otherwise could be occupied by a participating member.

Annual dues: $6600.
Paid in (4) $1650. quarterly payments, or (1) payment of $5600. (15% discount)




Steve Kirschner
Founder / Chief Operating Officer
Direct: 516-528-2288
Steve Kirschner, COO and founder of IREON, well known and respected for his networking proficiency and business development acumen manages the organization.


Steve Kirschner was born into the commercial real estate industry. Both his parents operated a successful commercial brokerage in Brooklyn and Queens. Steve is a licensed real estate broker boasting decades of experience. He owned and operated his own commercial brokerage in Suffolk County, NY and personally brokered sales nationally for hundreds of millions of dollars of income producing investment properties, plus owner and tenant occupied commercial space locally.
Steve has gained a prominent reputation for being a “Consummate Business Networker”. He was awarded “Networker of the Year” in 2012 by the 1000 member Gotham City Networking Organization. Since 2010, Steve served as Group Coordinator of the Gotham NY Real Estate Chapter, growing it from 15 to 50 members and in 2015 founded the Long Island Real Estate Chapter for the Gotham City Network, serving as its Co-Chairman and Group Coordinator. He formerly served as Chairman of the Board for the Advancement of Commerce & Industry on Long Island after being an active board member for over 15 years.

Pre Covid-19 IREON Platform of Operation:
(maybe re-implemented and modified when possible)

Member “Happy Hour Bi Monthly Meet Ups”: (currently suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic)
at locations that are convenient for “drinks”, and “schmoozing”,
alternating at mutually convenient locations every (2) months in Manhattan and Long Island.
“Meet ups” are limited to (12) member firms, (no limit to the number of persons in a company to attend)
These “intimate” socials enhance relationships which produce business opportunity.
*Registration is on a “first come first serve” basis, by accepting the calendar invite.

Monthly teleconference meetings:(currently suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic) held on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 8:30-9:45 am.

IREON holds Quarterly events with “member spotlights”
(currently suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic)
presenting topics of interest related to the services and products their companies provide to the industry.
Invites to these events are emailed weekly to over 6,000 building Owners, Operators, and Developers throughout the NY metropolitan region.